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Address is Approximate – lovely Google Street View Stop Motion movie..

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Eren Derdiyok’s incredibly artistic goal against Wolfsburg

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two very beautiful videos…

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NASA’s 500km asteroid Earth impact scenario, accompanied by Pink Floyd’s ‘Great Gig in the Sky’

Aurora Timelapse in Russia..

first addition in the new year..

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nose-view of a plane landing in twilight LAX Airport, Los Angeles

how would mars, neptune and mighty jupiter look if they were to replace our moon?

just in case you think our solar system is pretty much empty…

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and more random stuff from

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lightning slowed down to the max…

Old Spice commercial redo for intellectuals.. lol

voices from commercials.. dunno how else to describe this gem..

Carl Sagan – A Universe Not Made For Us

this guy sees a complete rainbow.. wait, two of them, and gives in to pure awe..

mega-cities already exist… underneath the ground.. GIANT ant colony excavated..

autistic girl discovers the computer and starts to express and communicate with the world around her

Bruce Lee’s screening interview with the Green Hornet from the early 60’s..

a really, really close look at carbon fiber

El Caminito Del Rey – would you ever walk this path?

enjoy :)

miscellaneous cool stuff

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pilot lands plane with a failing engine…

msn smileys in a ‘war’…

slow motion stuff… with a ridiculous ending :))

more awesome super slow motion for ya..