why outer space?

don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with good old Earth. it’s mankind that’s killing me. certain people in particular, and all people in general.

these ‘people’ have been electing (or rather: made believe their vote counts for anything) parties of the same system for decades. sometimes it’s the red ones who gain their votes, sometimes the blue ones. says a lot about the short-term-memory of both people and society as a total.

these ‘people’ have been listening to (or rather: passively accepted to be targeted by)  generic music for decades. pop music, pop culture, pop anything… pop? wasn’t that short for popular, which basically means ‘the mass likes it‘ ?

these ‘people’ that calm their environmental conscience by ways of buying ‘bio-meat’, watching ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and feeling happy to spend extra taxes for CO2-emissions?

these ‘people’ that make each other’s lives more miserable with every ad showing people how they should be and really aren’t?

these ‘people’ that create laws which keep me from living the life I want, even though the things I want to do only affect myself, and even though nobody asked me whether I want to live or not?

it’s because of people that I want to be sent into outer space in a neat little capsule, preferably with a life-lasting stash of weed and a fast internet connection (yes, I’m aware of the lag which the increasing distance from Earth would cause..) .. well, the details are negotiable.


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