here we go again…

hello world, or rather: goodbye!

this is probably the 5th attempt to create a little diary of my own. I’ll do everything to keep it going this time, hell, I even created a neat and convenient hotlink on the top of my firefox already.. what can go wrong?

in this blog, I’ll do many things – rant about humanity, post videos/articles/anything-thats-postable about anything I find worthy or important or beautiful or mindboggling enough, communicate my political agenda (which tends to be nihilistic, or, for non-europeans: anarchistic), or link to a nice piece of music..
maybe not interesting for the average-joe, but surely some alien intelligence might be able to rebuild the internet from what’s left of our planet when we’ve bombed our species (and most others, of course) to kingdome come, and read this and realize that individually, people were mostly OK, and that not all of us helped to bring about these dark times…

I am sure Mr. Cat agrees on my doubts regarding mankind!


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